Curem bed frames

CUREM® Basic Frame

From the CUREM®-Disc-System to the Easy-Lift technology - the Basic frame has everything necessary for your CUREM Mattress.

VAT tax of 23% included


CUREM® Move Frame

Move permits manual adjustment of the height of the area under the head and feet. The frame has been divided into 5 zones for healthy and extremely comfortable sleep.

VAT tax of 23% included

CUREM® Power Frame

Now you can change your bed, it would be a pity to use it only for sleeping. Reading, watching TV, working, surfing the Internet or just relaxing - why not do it all in bed? The CUREM® Power Frame promises pure luxury and the most comfortable position at the touch of a remote control button. The back and foot areas are regulated by two powerful, almost inaudible electric motors that gently, comfortably and smoothly position the bed in any desired position.

VAT tax of 23% included