Model .EXE

.exe is one of the most technologically advanced models in the new line of Curem mattresses.


Model .REG

The .reg model offers more balanced softness and body support. The mattress is based on an optimum combination of all properties of the Visco, Fusion and Serene foams.


Model .LOG

The .log model is a harder version of Curem mattresses, designed for sleepers preferring a markedly stronger support.


Model .ZIP

.zip is a unique mattress based on a hybrid solution, combining the best properties of the multipocket spring system and the advanced technology of the Serene and Fusion foams.


The new Curem line

The most recently developed line of Curem mattresses is the result of a combination of the latest generation of components and best practices employed throughout the Hilding Anders Group. Serene, Visco and Fusion foams mutually interact to create a synergy effect. Individual features of the innovative foams reinforce one another, creating 4 flagship models: .exe, .log, .reg and the hybrid model .zip.

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  • .log
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20 years guarantee

The latest line of Curem mattresses is the result of a combination of the latest generation of components and best practices employed throughout the Hilding Anders Group. Serene, Visco and Fusion foams mutually interact to create a synergy effect. Individual features of the innovative foams reinforce one another, creating 4 flagship models:.exe, .log, .reg and the hybrid model .zip.

7 hardness zones

Every mattress in the new line is divided into seven sections, i.e. zones optimising the contact force and support. The design promotes a correct position of the entire spine while sleeping. Comfort is also enhanced in the individual areas they create.

AEH quality certificate

All Curem products are certified by the Swiss Institute AEH. A certificate is awarded after examination and testing at Good Night's SleepLab - Good Sleep Laboratory.

Serene foam

The innovative Serene foam was used for the first time on the Polish market in the new line of Curem mattresses. Serene is a revolutionary combination of the memory foam technology and high-density traditional foams. Among other highlights, it adapts to the body shape like the memory foam, offering superior support compared to many traditional foam types. It does not modify its structure when the bedroom temperature changes, but at the same time efficiently distributes the heat generated by the human body, thus ensuring an optimum microclimate for your sleep. These and other properties of the foam have been achieved by employing Supportive Air Technology (SAT).

Multipocket Spring System

In the 7 zone Multipocket system each spring has been placed in a separate pocket and each reacts individually to the weight of the body and its movements. Multipocket system provides more support points on the entire surface of the mattress, thus increasing the elasticity of each pressure point.

Ergonomic design

Curem mattresses and pillows perfectly match the shape of the body during sleep and rest, regardless of one’s weight and movements. Their ergonomic profile provides proper support without excessive pressure all while maintaining a natural, anatomical position.

Visco foam

Modernized memory type foam - heat make it adapt to the shape of the body, thereby increasing the support surface. Removing the load, slowly restores it to the original form. Visco reduces the feeling of pressure and gives the impression of comfy wrapping. The structure of this foam helps absorb vibrations, therefore it is favourably used in double mattresses. Its antiallergic properties are a welcome addition.

Fusion foam

Hybrid foam, combining the best features of conventional and highly flexible foams. The newest in its class. Created from high quality materials, it is very durable and does not lose its structure in high humidity conditions. Thanks to the high level of flexibility, it gives a great sense of comfort. Contoured notches allow dividing the foam into 7 hardness zones. The shape and depth of the cuts affect the hardness of the mattress individual models.


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  • 1 Pleasant and dry microclimate all night long
  • 2 Unrestricted air circulation
  • 3 Eliminating excess heat and reducing moisture


7 hardness zones

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  • 1 The top layer of Serene foam provides optimal support, while allowing you to dip delicatelly into the mattress
  • 2 The middle layer of Visco foam as a result of the heat received adapts to the shape of the body
  • 3 Contoured incisions divide the Fusion base foam into 7 hardness zones
  • 4 The mattress is slightly harder in the the lower back and thighs areas, while the hips and arms sink easer in their softer zones



Serene foam

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  • 1 An innovative combination of memory foam technology and high density conventional foams
  • 2 Softness and embrace, support and flexibility included in one revolutionary layer
  • 3 Achieved with Supportive Air Technology
  • 4 SAT are millions of connected microcapsules, of which every one reacts independently
  • 5 Individually releasing excessive air and optimizing the force of the reversed pressure


Three layers of foam

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  • 1 Innovative Serene foam with SAT technology
  • 2 Visco foam with memory foam technology
  • 3 Fusion foam - the latest generation of hybrid foam with allocated 7 hardness zones



Quality certified

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  • 1 All Curem products have a quality certificate confirmed by the Swiss AEH Institute
  • 2 The certificate is issued after the product is tested in Good Night's SleepLab
  • 3 he tests cover following categories: durability, ergonomics, hygiene and thermal properties