Model .exe

.exe is one of the most technologically advanced models in the new line of Curem mattresses. Serene foam, equipped with SAT (Supportive Air Technology), forms the top layer of the mattress. Millions of independent air capsules combine to achieve maximum comfort, ensuring optimum support for the body. Excess heat generated during sleep is transferred freely to the layer below. Heat activates the thermoelastic properties of the Visco foam, making the mattress adjust to body shape. In this model, the thickest Visco foam layer is used. Good support of the spine, muscles and the entire resting weight, which is crucial for healthy sleep, is mainly attributed to the Fusion foam positioned at the bottom of the mattress. The cuts in the foam produce 7 hardness zones. In addition to optimum distribution of the contact force, they help to distribute heat and improve ventilation of the entire mattress. Longitudinal and transverse cuts are deeper than in other models, contributing to improved softness of the model and making the tuck-in effect more prominent. The mattress is available with a durable, antibacterial Zeo Case cover.

Insert: (1) Serene foam 3 cm, (2) Visco foam 6 cm, (3) Fusion foam 16 cm
Cover: Zeo Case
Height of the mattress with cover: 26 cm
Available sizes:  80, 90, 140, 160, 180 cm x 200 cm
Hardness: 7/10
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VAT tax of 23% included