The latest line of Curem mattresses is the result of a combination of the latest generation of components and best practices employed throughout the Hilding Anders Group. The Serene, Visco and Fusion foams interact with each other to create a synergy effect. Individual features of the innovative foams mutually reinforce each other, creating 4 flagship models: .exe, .log, .reg and the hybrid .zip model. All mattress models are covered with a durable antibacterial Zeo Case cover. The cover is finished with a 3D tape, which forms layers that increase the level of ventilation and thermoregulation. All mattresses, parts and accessories have undergone rigorous tests and research at Good Night's SleepLab - Good Sleep Laboratory located in Switzerland. The new mattresses on the Polish market are equipped with premiere materials and solutions.

7 hardness zones

Every mattress in the new line is divided into seven sections, i.e. zones optimising the contact force and support. The design promotes a correct position of the entire spine while sleeping. Comfort is also enhanced in the individual areas they create:

head area,
shoulder area,
lumbar vertebrae area,
pelvic area,
thigh area,
calf area,
foot area

The body assumes a aof the preferred lying position during sleep: on the back, on the side or on the stomach. Thanks to this, the optimally supported muscles can relax freely. In the .exe, .log and .reg models, the division into these zones has been achieved by making contour cuts in the bottom of the Fusion foam.


The models differ in the number and depth of incisions and, consequently in the level of hardness. In the hybrid zip model. - 7 zones were obtained using a spring multipocket system. The ergonomic position of the body is one of the key elements of healthy sleep and a prerequisite for effective regeneration. The additional functionality of the incisions is to enable the free flow of air inside the mattress. This is related to another important feature of Curem mattresses.

Thermoregulation and breathability

Another key factor that affects the quality of sleep is the microclimate of the mattress. In the latest Curem collection, each mattress is a system where airflow and heat transfer are controlled and supported by the properties of the individual layers. The breathable Zeo Case is equipped with a breathable 3D tape that also covers the underside of the mattress. Excess heat generated during sleep can easily get in or out of the mattress.

SAT System

SAT System

controlled heat transfer

controlled heat transfer

In the foam models, the Serene foam, which does not react to temperature, transfers the excess heat to the next layer. The heat activates the Visco memory foam, which heats up and adjusts the shape to the applied pressure. Excess heat is also absorbed by the bottom layer of Fusion foam. Here, the heat and air are further distributed by means of contour incisions.


The mattress absorbs colder air from the outside and the thermoregulatory properties of the foams maintain a stable temperature of the entire system. This free circulation ensures a pleasant, dry microclimate throughout the night. The thermoregulatory properties of the hybrid .zip model have been enhanced by the use of globally innovative ventilation outlets.

Innovative foam
Serene with SAT technology

The innovative Serene foam was used for the first time on the Polish market in the new line of Curem mattresses. Serene is a revolutionary combination of the memory foam technology and high-density traditional foams.

Among other highlights, it adapts to the body shape like the memory foam, offering superior support compared to many traditional foam types. It does not modify its structure when the bedroom temperature changes, but at the same time efficiently distributes the heat generated by the human body, thus ensuring an optimum microclimate for your sleep. These and other properties of the foam have been achieved by employing Supportive Air Technology (SAT).

SAT consists of millions of interconnected microcapsules. Each of them responds independently when exposed to load. The capsules releases excess air individually, and optimise the feedback contact force. Studies show that compared to the traditional foams and the memory foam, Serene is more effective at reducing the pressure generated by the back and hips. The reduced load in places requiring key support promotes comfort in the lying position, eliminates excess body movements and, consequently, guarantees a peaceful, healthy sleep.

Roots of innovation



Serene foam

Serene foam


When the load is removed, the foam returns to its original shape slowly. This function improves comfort, but the foam is not very resilient. An extra function of the memory foam is variable hardness depending on bedroom temperature. The higher it is, the softer the mattress becomes, and the other way round.

Traditional foams provide much better support compared to the memory foam. However, their structure may result in a perceptible increase in pressure in zones requiring key support. Consequently, this may lead to deteriorated blood circulation and frequent changes in body position.

The golden mean is the Serene foam which, by eliminating the feedback contact force, ensures optimum support and high thermal regulation. It does not change structure depending on temperature and, in addition, it absorbs vibrations well, which makes it a perfect solution for double mattresses. Based on the innovative combination of advantages associated with both foams, we have decided to employ the Serene foam in the new line of Curem mattresses.

Serene brings softness and the sensation of being “tucked in” as well as good support and resilience enclosed in a single revolutionary layer.

Visco Foam with memory
foam technology

The middle layer of the .exe, .log and .reg foam models is made of thermo-active Visco foam. High-tech memory foam adapts to the body shape under the effect of heat, increasing the support area.After the load is removed, the foam slowly reverts back to its original shape. In this way, it reduces the sensation of pressure and creates the effect of being “tucked in”.The foam structure helps to absorb vibrations, making it particularly suitable for double mattresses. In addition, the foam exhibits antiallergenic properties.


Fusion foam

A hybrid foam combining the best properties of the traditional and high-resilience foams. The latest in its class, made from high-quality materials, it is extremely durable and does not lose its structure when exposed to increased humidity. Thanks to its high resilience, it offers superior comfort. The outline cuts divide the foam into 7 hardness zones. The shape and depth of the cuts determine the hardness of different mattress models.


Zeo Case

Both the latest mattresses and pillows are offered in a dedicated Zeo Case. An innovative cover made with zeolites – natural minerals with antibacterial and odour-eliminating properties. By employing the technology based on a multi-layered 3D tape not only at the sides, as in the traditional solutions, but also over the entire bottom, improved air circulation and distribution of excess heat have been achieved. The properties make Zeo Case a perfect complement to the mattress. The cover is very heavy-duty and hygienic, as it can be machine-washed.At 40 ° C for covers attached to mattresses and 60 ° C for pillow covers.


AEH quality certificate

All Curem products are certified by the Swiss Institute AEH.

A certificate is awarded after examination and testing at Good Night's SleepLab - Good Sleep Laboratory.

The SleepLab is a complex worth almost USD 2 million. It is a huge investment, in which professionalism is of the utmost importance. Since the beginning of its activity, it has been cooperating with experts from the AEH Institute in Zurich (full name: Centre for Occupational Medicine, Ergonomics and Hygiene). During the consultation and audit, the representatives of this respected institution confirmed that the laboratory, equipment and procedures comply with rigorous requirements and are highly professional and objective. Owing to this, the certificate that Curem mattresses receive is of real value - when faced with the choice of a mattress, you are certain that the quality offered by Curem is certified by an independent expert.

We invite you to read the article about the SleepLab laboratory.

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AEH certificate

AEH certificate

ergonomic design

ergonomic design