Model .zip

zip is a unique mattress based on a hybrid solution, combining the best properties of the multipocket spring system and the advanced technology of the Serene and Fusion foams. Zones with springs ensure superior support and well-balanced body weight distribution. The top layer, made of Serene foam, guarantees perfect adjustment to the body contour and reduced sensation of pressure, adding a whole new dimension of comfort and softness. However, the highlight of the .zip mattress lies somewhere else, in the unique properties of thermal regulation, heat and moisture absorption. The effect has been achieved by employing openings on the sides of the mattress which are innovative on a global scale. The specially profiled and cut Fusion foam encapsulates pockets with multipocket springs. Thermal regulation is further promoted by the Zeo Case cover. Trimmed with airy multi-layered 3D tape also placed at the bottom of the mattress, combined with the side openings, it ensures excellent ventilation.

Insert: (1) Serene foam 3 cm, (2) Fusion foam 4 cm (3D profiling pattern), (3) multipocket spring, (4) traditional foam 2 cm (mattress bottom), side openings
Cover: Zeo Case
Wysokość materaca wraz z pokrowcem: approx. 23 cm
Height of the mattress with cover:  80, 90, 120, 140, 160, 180 cm x 200 cm
Hardness: 9/10
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VAT tax of 23% included