A holistic approach to sleep

Not just the mattress…

The Curem brand, similarly to the entire Hilding Anders Group, follows a holistic approach to sleep, taking into account all factors contributing to a good sleeping experience. The overall regeneration of the body and the feeling of relaxation in the morning depend on many factors which should be attended to simultaneously. In a nutshell, all the factors must „click into place” to have a sound night’s rest. In line with the holistic approach to sleep, Hilding Anders supports its customers not only by constantly improving its products. In addition, workshops with physiotherapists and other specialists are organised regularly, with participants obtaining advice on how to sleep correctly and efficiently from the perspective of physiology and psychology. To achieve good sleeping hygiene, it is necessary to optimise three aspects:

  • equipment,
  • sleeping conditions,
  • mental aspects, including habits.


A good-quality mattress is what counts most, but it is worth remembering that the choice of an appropriate product depends on individual factors. During consultations or workshops with physiotherapists, many people complain about backache or pain in the joints and general feeling of tiredness. Frequently, it turns out that their problems are due to an ill-suited mattress. For example, when you follow the opinions and recommendations of your friends, you will not always get the perfect solution.

The mattress parameters should be suited to individual needs and preferences. Aspects to consider include, for example, mattress structure, hardness, resilience, ventilation or thermal properties. The cover is vital, too. It should be made of high-quality materials, and should promote efficient dissipation of excess heat.

Another important issue is the choice of sleep-related equipment and accessories. The quality of sleep can be boosted by an appropriate bed frame, headrest and pillow. You should not forget about the bedclothes and pajamas, either. In addition to being comfortable, they should be matched to our preferences.


The entire environment should encourage us to rest properly after a busy day.

Sleep-inducing atmosphere

Sleep-inducing atmosphere

Next, it is necessary to ensure appropriate conditions for the night’s regeneration – or the so-called sleep environment. The main factors include the temperature and humidity of air. Before you go to sleep, it is a good idea to ventilate the bedroom to reduce ambient temperature to 18–19°C. The optimum air humidity should be in the range of 40–60%, so that the body gets more oxygen, does not heat up, and extra mucous membrane moisturising promotes breathing. The human body experiences various stimuli such as light or sound even when sleeping. To maintain the natural circadian rhythm, the bedroom should be blacked out – isolated from artificial light sources such as streetlamps. In this case, also the roller blinds, Venetian blinds or thick curtains may help. Sounds, such as a switched-on radio or TV set, provide unnecessary stimuli to the brain. Information of this type is processed at the background and disturbs the regeneration processes of the body and the memory trace consolidation, or the preservation of knowledge acquired during the day.

Good habits

The last – but not the least – important aspect of the holistic approach to sleep is related to sleeping habits. In order to be able to fall asleep fast and have a restful sleep, you should go to bed at a similar time each night, not only during weekdays.

It is recommended to eat light supper about two to three hours before getting to bed and to reduce the liquid intake a bit, so as not to overload the stomach and kidneys, but also give the body energy for rest and ensure appropriate hydration.

At least one hour before getting to sleep you should reduce the amount of stimuli reaching the brain, including the TV and your phone. In fact, the smartphone should preferably be left behind the bedroom door. Instead, you may read a book or a newspaper, perform some basic stretching exercises or… take a warm shower. This will result in a reduced core temperature and, consequently, promote falling to sleep.

Finally, it is worth devoting some time to relaxation, stress relief and mood-boosting strategies. Before entering the bedroom, you should clear your mind and finish planning the next day. This will promote a good sleep quality and, consequently,improve the mental state after waking up. Mental rest, although it is more difficult to achieve than physical regeneration, is equally important.

Good habits

The problem of sleep is highly complicated. Researchers specialising in different fields have been exploring the mechanisms underlying that process for many years. On a daily basis, it is enough to be aware that having a restful sleep requires not only a good mattress and bed, but also other, equally important aspects including mental wellbeing, appropriate sleep habits and sleep-inducing atmosphere. Only then can we sleep and rest „holistically”.